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marmusicology's Journal

Mar's Musicology Lessons
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This is a journal for those who would like to broaden their music horizons through me. That is all for now.

I use Apple's iTunes for all of my music listening pleasure. iTunes is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. iTunes plays MP3s, WAVs, AIFFs, and AAC files. AAC (M4A) is a special file format exclusive to iTunes that is just as small as an MP3 with the same quality (some people say just slightly better quality). Half of my files are in MP3, and the other half are AAC, so you will need to download and install iTunes to your computer in order to obtain all of the files for your enjoyment. Download it here.

I will be posting songs, playlists, iTunes tutorials, and prompt request entries.

I use Media Fire to upload my music files at this time. I'm exploring the possibility of using Box.

When you click a link for a song on this journal, it takes you to the Media Fire page where the download link is. Scroll down until you see "Download file: Name of song.m4a" and then click the link. If the file doesn't begin downloading within a moment or two, then right-click the link and choose "Save As" to download.