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These 55 songs are songs that do something to my heart that I can't quite explain. I've shared links for downloading a few. If you want any of the others, leave a comment and let me know which ones you wish to have.

7 Keys ♥ Aqualung [Still Life]
I Love ♥ Athlete [Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP]
Wires ♥ Athlete [Tourist]
I Bloom Blaum ♥ Coldplay [In My Place B Side]
For You ♥ Coldplay [Shiver EP]
Colorblind ♥ Counting Crows [This Desert Life]
Stolen ♥ Dashboard Confessional [Dusk and Summer]
January Rain ♥ David Gray
Summer Skin ♥ Death Cab For Cutie [Plans]
I Will Follow You Into The Dark ♥ Death Cab For Cutie [Plans]
Transatlanticism ♥ Death Cab For Cutie [Transatlanticism]
Passenger Seat ♥ Death Cab For Cutie [Transatlanticism]
Out Of Nothing ♥ Embrace [Out Of Nothing]
Serenade ♥ Emiliana Torrini [Fisherman's Woman]
Intuition ♥ Feist [The Reminder]
Heaven Forbid ♥ The Fray [How To Save A Life]
Lightning Rod ♥ Guster [Ganging Up On The Sun]
Trouble In Here ♥ Howie Day [Stop All The World Now]
Numbness For Sound ♥ Howie Day [Stop All The World Now]
The Moment I Said It ♥ Imogen Heap [Speak for Yourself]
Hallelujah ♥ Jeff Buckley [Grace]
Last Goodbye ♥ Jeff Buckley
Maybe I'm Amazed ♥ Jem [Music from The OC - Mix 2]
Hear Your Me ♥ Jimmy Eat World [Bleed American]
Drugs Or Me ♥ Jimmy Eat World [Futures]
The Heart of Life ♥ John Mayer [Continuum]
Dreaming With a Broken Heart ♥ John Mayer [Continuum]
Belief ♥ John Mayer [Continuum]
In Repair ♥ John Mayer [Continuum]
A Smile That Explodes ♥ Joseph Arthur [Our Shadows Will Remain]
Cathedrals ♥ Jump, Little Children
Everything ♥ Lifehouse [No Name Face]
Champagne Supernova ♥ matt pond PA [Music from The OC - Mix 4]
Into Dust ♥ Mazzy Star [So Tonight that I Might See]
Stardust ♥ Nat King Cole [The World Of Nat King Cole]
My Heart ♥ The Perishers [Let There Be Morning]
Against All Odds ♥ The Postal Service [Wicker Park]
Like Spinning Plates ♥ Radiohead [Amnesiac]
What Hurts the Most ♥ Rascal Flatts [Me and My Gang]
Life in Rain ♥ Remy Zero [Villa Elaine]
Across The Universe ♥ Rufus Wainwright
Wonderwall ♥ Ryan Adams [Love Is Hell]
You Could Be Happy ♥ Snow Patrol [Eyes Open]
Set The Fire To The Third Bar ♥ Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright [Eyes Open]
9 Lives ♥ South [With The Tides]
For Blue Skies ♥ Strays Don't Sleep [For Blue Skies - Single]
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. ♥ Sufjan Stevens [Come On Feel The Illinoise!]
Crawl ♥ Thisway
Silent All These Years ♥ Tori Amos [Tales of a Librarian]
Closer ♥ Travis [The Boy With No Name]
Sing ♥ Travis [The Invisible Band]
Safe ♥ Travis [The Invisible Band]
Indefinitely ♥ Travis [The Invisible Band]
Rain City ♥ Turin Brakes [Music from The OC - Mix 1]
Forever Young ♥ Youth Group [Music from The OC - Mix 5]
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