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ABCs Series, Optimisitical Os

The Killers - On Top

My love for this song was fated from the beginning of time. I turn this song up whenever it comes on, and then, probably the best part, the song winds down like it's going to end, but then it revs up again, so I turn it up more and totally continue rocking out!

Nat King Cole - On The Street Where You Live

This is another one of those rare occasions when I adore Jazz beyond all reason. NKC is my absolute favorite vintage artist, hands down. Sinatra and the others have much of my love, but none so much as Nat. I simply love what he has done with this showtune.

From the Chronicles of Narnia: Harry Gregson-Williams - Only the Beginning of the Adventure

I've already noted my love of the Narnia soundtrack. It still stands. -grin-

Of Montreal - Requiem for O.M.M.

From their page on Wikipedia:
Of Montreal is an American indie pop band formed in Athens, Georgia, fronted by Kevin Barnes. It was among the second wave of groups to emerge from The Elephant 6 Recording Company.
The group has a style that is typical of many Elephant 6 bands due to its interests in combining musical experimentation and the basic tenets of pop, such as catchy melodies and sing-along choruses. The band's style has been influenced by not only more conventional indie pop and psychedelic music, but also by vaudeville and music hall on their earlier releases and by afrobeat and reggae in their more recent releases.
The band's style has been known to change between albums. At first, the band embraced a more simple, quirky, lo-fi indie pop sound, which occasionally bordered on twee pop. As time progressed, the band moved to a fuller sound, as seen on the concept albums The Gay Parade, and its follow-up, Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse. These albums contain more narrative lyrics, as opposed to the rather personal lyrical matter of those preceding it, and often imitating the style of old 1950s radio plays.
2004's Satanic Panic in the Attic marked the result of an evolving change in style. The sound shifted to something more electronic with traditional structures, to be further advanced in later albums and new songs. In their most recent releases and concerts they have fully embraced a sort of techno-pop glam image, with little of their previous incarnations surfacing.
Lyrically, their style has changed dramatically throughout the years. In the beginning, many songs were narratives of personal or humorous situations, such as "Tim, I Wish You Were Born A Girl", off of Cherry Peel. This style, however, changed with The Gay Parade, where many songs involve small narratives surrounding invented characters (in songs such as "Jacques Lamure," "The Autobiographical Grandpa," "Mimi Merlot" and "Rose Robert"). Others act as extracts from fictional conversations ("Advice From a Divorced Gentleman to His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage" and "Good Morning Mr. Edminton" as examples). With Aldhil's Arboretum came a slight return to the previous writing style, except following more poppy, classical lyrical structures (such as the use of choruses, which are generally absent in the Gay Parade/Coquelicot years). This style continued throughout Satanic Panic and The Sunlandic Twins to an extent. On the band's most recent album, Hissing Fauna: Are You the Destroyer?, the lyrics are much more personal than previously used, with songs detailing emotions within the speaker.
Another unique quality of the band is the fusion of ostensibly gloomy lyrics with bouncy, up beat melodies and hooks. On Aldhils Arboretum, for example, the lyrics for tracks like "Doing Nothing" and "Old People in the Cemetery" focus on apathy, loneliness or death while being contrasted with cheerful instrumentation. Another example of this tendency is shown in their choice of covers; for example, Yoko Ono's "I Felt Like Smashing my Head Through a Clear Glass Window" from The Bird Who Continues to Eat the Rabbit's Flower.

If you go to the band's official website, they have a bajillion downloadable mp3s, which is fabulous. This song just has a nice car-driving feel. Great for any road mix.
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