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ABCs Series, Notorious Ns

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Joseph Arthur - Nation of Slaves

I looked up more songs by Joseph Arthur a few months after I fell in love with 'Honey and the Moon' because...I figured I would probably like more of his stuff. And I do. I love the sort of gritty feel to this song.

Josh Groban - Now or Never

This song kills me dead all the time. It's a collaborative writing effort between Josh and Imogen Heap. Squee to the max? Yes, indeed. The lyrics in this song, as in any Imogen song, are like....beyond awesome. "The tattered thought balloons above our heads sinking with the weight of all we need to say." Guh. Utter love for this song.

From Little Women: Thomas Newman - New York

This is a stirring piece from the LW score. It has so much excitement and power in it. Yay for it.

Nick Drake - Northern Skies

From his page on Wikipedia:
Nicholas Rodney Drake (June 19, 1948 – November 25, 1974) was an English singer-songwriter and musician best known for his acoustic, autumnal songs. His primary instrument was the guitar, while he was also proficient at piano, clarinet, and saxophone. Although he failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime, Drake's work has since grown steadily in stature, to the extent that he is now widely considered one of the most influential English singer-songwriters of the last 50 years.

This is the last song in the film 'Serendipity,' and I just... sort of fell for the simplicity of it. It sort of has a timeless quality of loveliness to it.
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