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ABCs Series, Luscious Ls

Aqualung - Left Behind

-grin- I have a ring tone of this. I love the power of this song. It just starts with a bang, and then there are his softly verse vocals, and then more power. Love it.

The Clash - London Calling
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A Classic. The Clash are awesome, and this song is just such an anthem for going to London, in my head. I would totally go there in a snap if I could.

Feist - Let It Die
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This song is like....musicified heart break. Sort of numb and detatched, but it still aches.

From Charlie Brown: Vince Guaraldi - Linus and Lucy
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Sometimes, jazz is a blessed thing. I love the fun, bouncy heart of this tune. The changes of pace and composition are great.

Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama
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Um, hi. It's Lynard Skynard.

This song makes me want to get down and groove it like a true Southerner. And at least I was born in Texas and lived there for eight years and go back regularly so that I can have at least some claim to being Southern.
Tags: abcs, aqualung, feist, lynard skynard, the clash, vince guaraldi/charlie brown
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